SESSION: Helping Small Business Owners Reach Their True Potential

DATE: Friday, September 13

TIME: Noon-1pm

COST: free

HOST: Gain Accountants

DETAILS:  With the number of Start Ups in Britain looking set to reach an all-time record (with an estimated 500,000 launching in 2013 according to Start Up Britain) entrepreneurial spirit is booming and is very much alive and kicking in Cornwall.

For those people starting, running and growing their own successful business, the need to put the right foundations in place are essential if you are going reap the rewards of all the hard work and effort you will have to put in.

Whilst you may be brilliant at what you do – running a successful business is about much more than being good at the job – whatever it is you do and sell.

This workshop by Gain – which specialises in helping small business owners reach their true potential – will provide some key points to consider when launching and running a small business including:

1)      Plan it

2)      Think about the Long Game First

3)      Plan for growth

4)      Structures

5)      Create a business that can work without you being in it

6)      Look at the numbers

7)      Sales and Marketing

Running a business and seeing it grow can be extremely rewarding – personally, financially and professionally.. Putting the foundations in place and thinking about how you want your business to grow as early as possible will help you overcome some of the classic barriers to growth.